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Date: 18th July 2016
YTC Positioner
Welcome to purchase discount source ytc positioner from our company, which is one of the best China ytc positioner manufacturers and suppliers.YTC positionerProduct Code: 2014818123042Main features1?there is no resonance within 5~200Hz.2?Forward and reverse, single action and double action can be easily converted.3?For small actuators,? South Korea YTC positioner can reduce the positioner orifice to prevent shock.4?Air consumption is low and economical.5?The range of 1/2 control can be achieved without replacing parts .Intelligent valve positioner models: YT-3450LDC; YT-3450RSC; YT-3450RDC; YT-2500LSN; YT-2500LDN; YT-2500LSI; YT-2500LDI; YT-2500RSN; YT-2500RDN; YT-2500RSI; YT-2500RDI; YT-2550LSN; YT-2550LDN; YT-2550LSI; YT-2550LDI; YT-2550RSN; YT-2550RDN; YT-2550RSI; YT-2550RDI; YT-2501LSN; YT-2501LDN; YT-2501LSI; YT-2501LDI; YT-2501RSN; YT-2501RDN; YT-2501RSI; YT-2501RDI; YT-2600LSC; YT-2600LDC; YT-2600RSC; YT-2600RDC; YT-2700LSN; YT-2700LSI; YT-2700RSN; YT-2700RSIApplicationElectro-pneumatic valve positioner YT-1000R is a device that accept 4~20mA DC current signal from the controller or control system and control the valve position by conveying air to part-turn pneumatic actuator.
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