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Date: 18th July 2016
Vortex Flowmeters
Welcome to purchase discount source vortex flowmeters from our company, which is one of the best China vortex flowmeters manufacturers and suppliers.Vortex flowmetersRosemount 8800 MultiVariable? Vortex FlowmeterThe Rosemount 8800 Multivariable Vortex Flowmeter combines your temperature and flow devices into a single, highly accurate instrument, eliminating the costly installation of two separate devices. And with its non-wetted sensor design, shutdowns for maintenance or repair aren?t even an issue.MultiVariable? Vortex can save up to 30% per installation by eliminating the need for external temperature compensation for saturated steam applications.??? ?Integral temperature sensor enables temperature compensated mass flow for saturated steam??? ?Removable temperature sensor eliminates the need for process shutdown for temperature sensor verification or replacement??? ?Mass flow, volumetric flow or temperature are available as configurable outputsFeatures & BenefitsReliable, Cost-Effective Steam MeasurementReduce Cost, Improve PerformanceUncompensated vortex meters have moderate accuracy in saturated steam and high pressure and temperature liquids externally compensated vortex meters are expensive. The Rosemount MultiVariable Vortex provides a cost-effective flowmeter with improved accuracy.Rosemount Reducer Vortex Technology
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