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Date: 18th July 2016
Series HGV Hand Operated Globe Valve
Welcome to purchase discount source series hgv hand operated globe valve from our company, which is one of the best China series hgv hand operated globe valve manufacturers and suppliers.Low Cost, High Pressure RatingThe Series HGV Hand Operated Globe Valves are an economical and functional alternative to large actuator/control valve packages. Metal-to-metal seating ensures excellent flow control and shut-off service. The body and bonnet are each constructed of CF8M (316) stainless steel for superb corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility.SpecificationsService:Compatible liquids and gases.End Connections:Female NPT.Pressure Limits:725 psi (50 bar) from -20 to 200?F (-28.9 to ? 93.3?C); 500 psi (34.5 bar) at 300?F (148.9?C); 450 psi (31.0 bar) at 325?F ? (162.8?C); 100 psi (6.9 bar) at 350?F (176.7?C).Wetted Materials:Body, Bonnet, Packing Nut: CF8M (316) SS; ? Disc, Stem, Retainer Ring, Gland: 316 SS; Packing: PTFE.Temperature Limits:-20 to 356?F (-28.9 to 180?C).Other Materials:Hand Wheel: cast iron; Plate: aluminum; Wheel ? Nut: 316 SS.Features??? ?Threaded ends conform to ANSI B 2.1, BS 21, DIN 259/2999, ISO 228.??? ?Stainless steel inside screw, screwed bonnet, swivel disc integral seat, rising stem and hand wheel.
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