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Date: 25th June 2016
SIEMENS Positioner
Welcome to purchase discount source siemens positioner from our company,Website:, which is one of the best China siemens positioner manufacturers and suppliers.SIEMENS Positioner-SIEMENS valve positionerProduct Code: 2014818115535Main features:1) Simple operation* Simple operation and programming with three keys and a two-line LCD * By PDM SIMATIC programming; high quality control to the online adaptive process* When in steady state operation, gas consumption can be neglected2) "Close off" function (to ensure maximum positioning pressure on the valve seat)3) Many functions can be realized by simple configuration (such as parametric and limit values).4?Self diagnosis for valves and actuators5?Straight stroke and angular travel actuator use the same model of the valve positioner6?Quite a few moving parts, so it is not sensitive to vibration.7?External non-contact position sensor can be selected in the extreme environment.Application??? ?Siemens pneumatic positioner is mainly used in the following areas:??? ?the chemical industry??? ?the power plant??? ?paper and glass??? ?food and pharmaceuticals??? ?offshore platform??? ?SIEMENS locator form has the following products:??? ?single-acting actuator plastic aluminum, stainless steel or aluminum shell???? double-acting actuators plastic aluminum and stainless steel shell??? ?used in the danger zone??? ?can be used in the dangerous area??? ?this product (EExia/ib) Ann??? ?Explosion-proof enclosure (EExd)??? ?designing the flame-proof type (no spark)??? ?Communication forms:??? ?With use of 0/4 to 20 ma, HART communication signal (optional)??? ?With PROFIBUS - PA, communication interface (EExia).??? ?Foundation fieldbus (FF), the communication interface??? ?Explosion-proof products??? ?Base type explosive-proof grade products for EExia/ib this type of product or Ann for 2 OuDeFei the safety type products??? ?EExd flameproof products allowed to use in the application of Ann 1 area. At that moment allows you to use all the optional modules (except external actuator detection system and replication)??? ?Stainless steel shell of the product is suitable for special environmental conditions??? ?Siemens valve positioner has stainless steel shell of products can be used in the special corrosive environment (such as offshore operation, chloralkali plant, etc.). Its function is the same as the base type of product.??? ?SIEMENS positioning is used in pneumatic straight travel or Angle control of the actuator. SIEMENS locator drive actuator valve opening to achieve the same position with the given value. Additional input function can be used for locking valve position or drive to achieve safety valve position. As this standard configuration has integrated the binary input to the base type product.Function??? ?The working principle of SIEMENS locator and traditional locator is completely different.The way of work??? ?Using microprocessor to given value and position feedback. If microprocessor deviation was detected, it is with a five step switch program to control the piezoelectric valve, piezoelectric valve to adjust the flow of gas into the actuator gas chamber.??? ?Microprocessor based on deviation (with the position feedback signal given value W X) the size and direction of the output a control instruction to piezoelectric valve. Piezoelectric valve converts control instruction pneumatic displacement increment, when the control deviation is large (high speed), the positioner output a continuous signal; When the control deviation is (low speed), continuous pulse locator output; Deviation within the scope of permissible error when the controller (adaptive or adjustable dead zone state), then there is no control command output.??? ?SIEMENS locator using appropriate installation component fixed on the straight travel or quarter-turn actuators, a straight line or Angle displacement of the actuator by installing component testing and to wear resistance connected electrically conductive plastic potential converter.??? ?In a straight travel actuators components on detection Angle error is automatically corrected. When SIEMENS locator using two wire connection, it is completely from 4 to 20 ma in a given signal to obtain the power supply. Can also be obtained from the PROFIBUS bus signal power supply. For the foundation fieldbus (FF).??? ?The pneumatic valve with the control counter piezoelectric valve group??? ?Piezoelectric valve can release the control pulse is very short, and thus can achieve high localization accuracy. Main component is a piezoelectric flexible switch, it with master gas path. Piezoelectric valve group has a very long working life.Site operation??? ?Site operation performed by built-in LCD and three input keys. Automatic, manual and configuration can be through the button switch.??? ?When manual mode, but in the whole range scope drive valve action.??? ?Through the SIMATIC product data management (PDM) software operation and monitoring??? ?SIMATIC product data management (PDM) software allows via a PC or laptop is convenient to realize remote operation and monitoring, the locator can also use the software configuration, the use of process data and comparing data can be set for the machine fault diagnosis and maintenance of important information.??? ?SIMATIC PDM software supports HART communication, also support PROFIBUSPA communication protocol.??? ?When the HART communication, with double core cable, through the HART modem is connected to the COM port of a PC or laptop. HART communication signals are used by adopting frequency shift keying mode superposition on the current signal.Automatic initialization??? ?Using a simple configuration menu can be configured quickly SIEMENS locator, also can be regulated by automatic initialization function SIEMENS locator.??? ?During the initialization, the processing automatically determine the fraction of the actuator, range, direction and speed of actuator position, use these to determine the minimum pulse time and dead zone, and optimal control effect.Low volume??? ?The characteristics of the SIEMENS locator is rarely gas consumption. The traditional locator gas consumption is very large. The use of modern piezoelectric technology, make the SIEMENS locator at the time of action gas consumption only, this means that it would pay for itself in a very short time investment.???? The rich diagnosis function??? ?SIEMENS positioning instrument detection function, can report actuator and control valve change a number of rich information, the information of regulating valve and actuator diagnosis and detection is very important.??? ?Can realize measurement (some extreme value can be adjusted) and monitoring functions, including:??? ?Stroke, cumulative??? ?the direction change of schedule??? ?Number of alarm technology,??? ?Dead zone, since the adjustment??? ?Valves, limit position (for example: seat wear)??? ?Maximum/minimum temperature, operating hours (according to temperature range),??? ?Piezoelectric valve run times??? ?The valve positioning timeActuator leaking??? ?Level 3 alarm condition monitoring??? ?SIEMENS locator has additional monitoring functions, status display from fault signal monitoring. Classify fault signal according to the "traffic light" approach, with green, yellow and red wrench (PDM) software:??? ?Need maintenance (green wrench),??? ? be badly in need of repair wrench (yellow)??? ? near fault or failure (red wrench)??? ?The user to the valve or actuator can detect early before have a significant fault, can avoid parking system. Through the fault signal instructions, such as damage to actuator diaphragm, lag and so on, the user can use the appropriate maintenance policy guarantee system is reliable.??? ?Three-stage alarm also can early monitoring and display fault, such as the static friction force of stuffing box, wear of valve disc/seat, and hanging and scaling, etc.??? ?The fault signal can be output by wiring, can also be output by HAPT, field bus interface. In this case, with HAPT, SIEMENS PROFIBUS FF version locator can display a variety of fault signal of key process variables, as well as the trend chart and histogram??? ?LCD can also display the maintenance level, including the source of the fault.Security features SIL2??? ?SIEMENS locator security functions for SIL2 IEC 61508 and IEC 61511-1 for installation on with spring return pneumatic actuators 4 to 20 ma, PROFIBUSFF valve positioner, can according to need or in failure drive valve to preset a safe place.??? ?Valve positioner meet the following requirements:??? ? the C4 and above version security functions for SIL2 IEC or IEC 61511-1 61508??? ? explosion protection 6 dr5... - E...??? ?Electromagnetic compatibility, EN 61326 / A1The configuration??? ?SIEMENS positioner can be configured the configuration mode of the following Settings:??? ?Input current range, 0 to 20 ma, or 4 to 20 ma??? ?Who set point up or down??? ?The given value, positioning speed limit (slope)??? ?Adjust sparately: to adjust the starting value and full scale value??? ?Response threshold (dead zone) : automatic setting or artificial setting??? ?Movement direction: up or down according to the set point rise of output pressure??? ?positioning range limit (initial scale and full scale value)??? ?Actuators position limit (alarm) : minimum and maximum??? ?Automatic "close close" function, response threshold (adjustable)??? ?the schedule can be revised according to the features of the valve??? ?Binary input function??? ?Alarm output function??? ?SIEMENS locator different types of configuration content basically the same.
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