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Date: 18th July 2016
Orifice Plate Flow Meter
Welcome to purchase discount source orifice plate flow meter from our company, which is one of the best China orifice plate flow meter manufacturers and suppliers.Orifice Plate Flow Meter Intelligent Vortex Flow Meter,Rosemount Integral Orifice Flowmeters3051SFP, 3095MFP, 3051CFP, 2051CFP, 1195The Rosemount Integral Orifice Flowmeter assembly is designed to meet the need for highly accurate small bore flow measurements with minimal installation and maintenance requirements. Main features:1)?? ?Rosemount Integral Orifice Flowmeters offer highly accurate small-bore flow measurement capability with minimal installation and maintenance requirements.2)?? ?The Rosemount Intgral Orifice Flowmeter provides high accuracy in small line size applications.3)?? ?The Rosemount Integral Orifice design eliminates installation errors that are magnified in small linesSpecificationFully Integrated ? Flowmeter?Rosemount 3051SFP with Measurement Types 1-4Rosemount 3051SFP Measurement Type DAccuracy??Mass flow up to 0.8% of mass ? flow rate, 14:1 turndown?Classic MV up to ?0.85 % of flow rate, 8:1 flow turndown??Volumetric flow up to 0.8% of ? volumetric flow rate, 14:1 turndown?Classic MV up to ?0.85% of volumetric flow rate, 8:1 turndownRepeatability?? 0.1 %? 0.1 %?Output??4-20mA signal based on HART? ? Communication??WirelessHART with Smart Wireless THUM adapter?4-20mA signal based on HART? ? Communication?WirelessHART??FOUNDATION? fieldbusLong Term StabilityUp to 15-year stability?Up to 15-year stability?WarrantyUp to 15-year limited ? warranty?Up to 15-year limited ? warranty?Diagnostics?User-writable process ? temperature sensor limits?Sensor Temperature as an output?Instant Flow VerificationAdvanced HART Diagnostic SuiteLine Size??-in (15 mm)1-in (25 mm)1 ?-in (40 mm)?-in (15 mm)1-in (25 mm)1 ?-in (40 mm)Primary Element1195 Integral OrificeService?Liquid, Gas, Steam?AccuracyUp to ?0.75% of flow rate?Process Temperature Limits?Standard (direct/remote mount):?? -40 to 450 ?F (-40 to 232 ?C)Extended (remote mount only with option code G):?? -148 to 850 ?F (-100 to 454 ?C)??Line Sizes??-in (15 mm)1-in (25 mm)1 ?-in (40 mm)Application1)?? ?Improve Utility Measurements in Small Lines2)?? ?The Rosemount 1195 Integral Orifice Flowmeter was designed to make installations easier for orifice applications 3)?? ?The 1195 self-centering plate design and precision honed pipe sections maximize installed performance.4)?? ?Numerous process connections available for installation flexibility
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