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Date: 18th July 2016
Metal Seated Ball Valve
Welcome to purchase discount source metal seated ball valve from our company, which is one of the best China metal seated ball valve manufacturers and suppliers.Metal Seated Ball ValveMetaltite metallic sealed ball valves float ball & fixed ballProduct Code: 2014627101532Main features:1) Superior sealing performanceThe metal seated ball valve is with high precision mechanical technology that ensures the tight seal of the surface and valve base, which in accordance with ANSIB16.104 Class V and VI2) ReliabilityThe spring loaded valve seat ensures that, even in the case of low pressure, the valve seat can be in close contact with the ball to ensure an effective seal. This is achieved in the case of high pressure differential, wide temperature range and frequent operation of the switching torque3) Fireproof performanceCombination of metal seat and graphite seal to ensure fire resistanceDiversity of materialsFor different operating conditions (the maximum can reach 500 degrees C) there are a variety of materials components.Multi functionsThe surface hardening of the ball and seat valve can be applied to a lot of harsh conditions, such as long time use in slurry, pulp and other corrosive media. Fixed ball valve design can be used for powder technology.ActuatorOur factory can provide a complete set of products, including valves and actuators, which has a variety of users recommend the implementation of agency brands.Special test*Liquid penetration*Magnetic particle inspection*PMI*X rayGood sealing performance, wide operating temperature range, applicable to all kinds of fluid.Application range*Cleaning liquid*dirty liquid*High viscosity medium*Corrosive medium*Sewage treatment*Silt medium*Pulp Wet mud medium*Dry mud medium*Saturated steam*Superheated steam*Clean gas- foul gas*High temperature condition*High flow rate conditionTechnical dataSize rangeDN15 to 300Pressure levelClass ANSI 150 to 600For ANSI Class 900, Please consult the factoryOperation Temperature-29? to 500?StandardStart part to endANSI ? B16.10?Flange standard??ANSI, HG, JB/T
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