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Date: 18th July 2016
Magnetic Level Transmitter
Welcome to purchase discount source magnetic level transmitter from our company, which is one of the best China magnetic level transmitter manufacturers and suppliers.Magnetic Level TransmitterThe world's first HART 7 Magnestostrictive level transmitter-Magnetostrictive TransmittersISE Magtech Magnestostrictive level transmitters are highly accurate, precise and offer a variety of configuration options. The magnetostrictive transmitter may be utilized as a direct insertion transmitter or externally mounted to a magnetic level indicator for non-invasive level control. Externally mounted to a magnetic level indicator, they are ideal in high-pressure, high-temperature applications.In direct insertion service, the sensor probe with magnetic float(s) is inserted into a tank and as the float rises or falls with the fluid, the transmitter provides level output. For externally mounted service, the probe senses the float(s) inside the magnetic level indicator.The magnetostrictive level transmitters are available with two-wire loop powered 4-20 mA output(s), or bus powered with digital signal output(s).Features 1) The only Magneto with registered DD?s for HART and Foundation Fieldbus to IEC-61804-22) HART (Rev. 5.0), FF (ITK 4.6), AMS Aware, FISCO, FNICO3) Sensor trim from anywhere in the loop with HART Measure Level, Interface and Temperature simultaneously4) User friendly setup via self-promting menus5) Continuous monitoring of instrument health via HART6) Ideal for High Temp/Hi Pressure, Corrosive or "Dirty" serviceSpecifications?Electronic Specifications?Supply Voltage13 to 36 VDCRepeatability.005% of full scale or .010 in., ? whichever is greaterNon-Linearity?.01% of full scale or .030 in., ? whichever is greaterLevel Sensor Accuracy?.01% of full scale or .030 in., ? whichever is greaterAnalog Output(1) 4/20 mA primary levelResolution.025% of full scaleOutputPrimary level, (1) 4/20 mA ? optional digital outputs ? via HART for temperature ? or interface detectionCalibration?Zero and span field adjustable ? with push buttons, HART ? and AMSAdvanced DiagnosticsWith HART or AMS for ? troubleshootingDampening?1 to 25 seconds (field adjustable via DISPLAY)Operating Temperature ? (electronics)-58 to 185? F (-50?C to 85?C)HousingExplosion proof, dual compartment,1/2-in NPT, epoxy coatedaluminum; stainless steel optionalPolarity ProtectionDiode in series with the loopHumidity LimitsSAMA PMC 31.1-5.2Vibration LimitsSAMA PMC 31.1-5.3RFI Limits?SAMA PMC 31.1-20 to 1,000MHz up to 30V/m??Transmitter Sensor Tube?Material316 ss standard, optional ? Hastelloy, Monel, Kynar sleeveOperating TemperatureIndicator?type up to 750?F (399?C) ? Insertion type -50 to 300? F ? (-45 to 149? C)?Max. Pressure?2000 psig @ 300? FRange?12 in. to 30 ft.Applications1) Position Sensing2) Sanitary Service3) Valve Positioning4) Inventory Control5) Corrosive Process6) Batching Processes7) Underground Tanks8) Primary level/Interface9) Process Temperature and Level
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