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Date: 18th July 2016
Linear Actuators
Welcome to purchase discount source linear actuators from our company, which is one of the best China linear actuators manufacturers and suppliers.Linear actuators Germany PSL all intelligent electric actuator?Product Code: 20145169364/201451693442Main features ?? ?1) the integration structure design, position transmitter and servo amplifier as two independent components can be directly into the executing agency, directly to 4-20 ma control signal, 4-20 ma, or 1-5 VDC output valve position feedback signal, has the self-diagnosis function, use and adjustment is very convenient.2) the function modular structure design, through the combination of different optional features, from simple to complex control, meet different application requirements3) simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, mechanical parts are all made of CNC processing production, exquisite workmanship4) drive all adopt the small gear backlash seal, with high efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable and reliable, no need to refuel, etc5?with multiple speed, can meet the requirements of all kinds of control system, to ensure rapid response and stability of the system6?PSL series linear actuators connected with the valve adopts flexible coil spring connection, can avoid the valve stem and the influence of output shaft misalignment brings to the valve, the valve can be preset shut off the power to ensure reliable valve shut off, to prevent leakage.7?PSQ series torque switch protection, can prevent the damage due to valve is too large torque of valve stem.8?drive motor made of high-speed synchronous motor high-performance rare earth magnetic material, smooth operation. With small size, large torque, locked-rotor resistance, high control precision, etc.9?can be set up block adjustment, which is called the time proportion by a regulator output signal to control two actuators (4-12 ma corresponding PSL1 fully open full close, 12 to 20 ma corresponding PSL2 open full close).10?valve position feedback element using the Swiss seal precision ring potentiometer, has small volume, high precision, small dead zone, long service life, etc.11) travel adjustable, easy to connect with valve12?all electrical components adopt world famous brand products, reliable quality, long service life13?electrical components wiring is rigorous and completely isolated from driving part, improves the executing agency run reliably.Product structurePSL, PSQ series electric actuator wiring is rigorous and completely isolated from driving part, improve the reliability of the actuator operation, transmission part adopts CNC machining small backlash sealed gear drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable and reliable, by process conditions, such as medium entrance force actuator due to fluctuation of resonance, etc.1. PSL linear actuatorsPSL straight travel actuators are mainly by isolated electrical control part and gear transmission parts. Motor as two isolated part of the middle connection parts, motor output torque, according to the requirements of control by multipolar spur gear is passed on to the trapezoidal screw, screw for thrust through commutation torque rod threads. The stem threads can be self-locked, and transfer line trip through the adapter with the valve to the valve stem. Enforcement agencies out of the shaft with a check diversion, prevent the rotation of the shaft radial locking devices can be used as a position indicator.Locking devices connected to a connecting rod, connecting rod with the output shaft synchronous operation, through the circuit board with connecting rod connected to the output shaft displacement is converted into electrical signal, and provided to the servo amplifier as comparison and valve position feedback signal output, at the same time, the stroke of actuators can be made of two main switch board limit switch to limit, and the two mechanical limit block to adjust the limit position.2. The PSQ quarter-turn actuatorsPSQ quarter-turn actuators is mainly controlled by the isolated electrical part and gear transmission parts, motor for connect two separate part in the middle of the part. Motor torque through the main gear transmission to the planetary gear, planetary gear drive hollow gear main gear driver. Hollow gear less than three secondary gear teeth, so can be driven by planet gear, planetary gear to turn a week hollow gear running three teeth, external mesh is always a planetary gear and worm gear, the runtime does not separate, this design makes accident increases in failure or valve torque can be directly through the handwheel manual control.Actuator has two thread limit stop mechanism, there are also two limit switches to realize electricity limit, range of each shift can be controlled by the position of the limit switch, valve opening by a projection display instructions, unique torque switch can be adjusted from 50% to 50% of maximum torque, torque protection, in order to prevent the stem damage resulted from the valve is stuck.1??? ?PSL straight travel electric actuator2??? ?PSL straight travel electric actuator series range up to 100 mm, maximum thrust can be up to 25 kn, suitable for linear motion and adjust the control valve switch.PSL straight travel electric actuator main technical parameters The standard model The thrust (KN) Speed (mm/s) Range (mm) Power (v) Power consumption (w) Motor protection Wire connection Manual operation Protection grade Weight (kg) PSL201 1.0 0.25 50 220VAC 6.00 Allow blocked 2?PG13.5 handwheel IP67 4.25 PSL202 2.0 0.50 50 220VAC 10.90 Allow blocked 2?PG13.5 handwheelIP67 4.50 PSL204 4.5 0.50 50 220VAC 21.00 Thermal switch 2?PG13.5 handwheelIP67 5.00 PSL208 8.0 1.00 50 220VAC 80.50 Thermal switch 2?PG13.51?PG9 handwheelIP67 7.00 PSL210 10.0 0.35 50 220VAC 30.00 Thermal switch 2?PG13.51?PG9handwheelIP67 7.00 PSL312 12.0 0.60 65 220VAC 78.00 Thermal switch3?PG16 handwheelIP65 10.00 PSL314 14.0 0.30 65 220VAC 60.00 Thermal switch3?PG16handwheelIP6510.00PSL320 20.01.00 100 220VAC 130.00 Thermal switch3?PG16handwheelIP6520.00 PSL325 25.0 1.00 100 220VAC 130.00 Thermal switch3?PG16handwheelIP6520.00ApplicationPSL, PSQ series electronic actuators can be used to pipe valves and throttle to adjust and control the open and close operation.
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