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Date: 18th July 2016
LDM Valve
Welcome to purchase discount source ldm valve from our company, which is one of the best China ldm valve manufacturers and suppliers.LDM ValveLDM high performance single seat valve, G92 valve is a high performance single seat valve, which can be driven by both electric / pneumatic rotary actuator.Product Code: 2014516152929ApplicationAs a control valve, the LDM valve is applied to the need of moving water pressure from the maximum value to the minimum or the opposite conditions. The maximum working pressure is in compliance with EN 12 516-1, see page 3. Higher temperature condition use must be approved by the manufacturer.Process medium: This valve is designed to regulate the flow and pressure of water and steam. In specific working conditions (pressure ratio P1/P2, flush, greater than the critical flow rate, etc.), the maximum pressure difference of this valve is 20,0MPa.InstallationThis valve can ONLY be installed in vertical position with connection of actuator nut and the actuator must be installed above the valve body. The valve installation must make the medium flow and the arrow on the valve body in the same direction. Considering the valve disassembly, we suggest leave 500 cm above the valve body for easy removal of inner part. For safe operation, there should be no elbow behind the valve with at least 2000mm.Technical dataSeriesG92? 225 2499Valve type Control valve, welding endNominal diameter 150Nominal pressure 400Body material alloy steel 1.7357 Welding end materialalloy steel 1.7357 Ambient medium temperature-20 to 550?Connection standard?SN 13 1070Valve inner parts type Special ? valve-Piston valve ball Flow characteristics As per ?SN 13 4509-1 equal percentageFlow area63Kvs191Leakage level As per ?SN EN 1349 (5/2001),IVNote : After manufacturer approval, it can be produced in accordance with effective SN 131075 (3/1991) or SN EN12 627 (8/2000) standard connection?Maximum allowable working pressure, refer to EN 1256-1 [Mpa]?MaterialPNTemperature?200250300350400450500550Alloy steel 1.735740037.435.733.330.928.926.722.38.8
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