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Date: 18th July 2016
Fixed Ball Valve
Welcome to purchase discount source fixed ball valve from our company, which is one of the best China fixed ball valve manufacturers and suppliers.Fixed Ball ValveThe condition of using metal hard seal fixed ball valve wear-resisting, Wantong valve design selection condition of using metal hard seal fixed ball valve.Product Code: 20145161684?Main features:1)? This ball fixed ball valves is with cut-through design, small flow resistance, pressure drop.2)? The sealing face protected operation, in the position of the valve fully open and close, sealing surface in the protection state, from erosion and cavitation3)? Advanced manufacturing technology, using kerosene as fuel of supersonic flame spraying (HVOF), aviation kerosene and oxygen combustion after explosion, creates the flame, the flame speed up to 6000 yards per second (more than three times the speed of sound) through a specially designed spray gun, the metal powder (nickel-based WC from fusion powders) at the end of the high speed onto the ball and seat sealing surface, so as to form a strong bond with dense degree of coating, the coating hardness up to 68-72 HRC impurity is not easy to be the medium scratches and flush4)? "one to one" precision grinding process, because the ball valve, valve seat, high hardness, valve wantong adopt unique one-to-one precision grinding abrasive, process and tooling, make each valve quality guaranteed.SpecificationAmbient medium temperature- 20 ? ~ + 425 ? Nominal pressurePN1.6 ~ 6.4 Mpa, Class (150 lb to 600 lb)Nominal diameterDN15 ~DN 300Control modeelectric, pneumatic, manualThe flange standardGB/T9113.1 ~ 4, JB/T79.1 ~ 4, ANSIB16.5 aStructureO, half spherical cavity Structure lengthlong series of GB/T 12221-1989ApplicationThe fixed ball valve is now used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, natural gas, mining, latex, coal chemical industry, coal liquefaction, alumina, slag discharge system, ash, organic silicon industry, oil thermal recovery, etc.
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