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Date: 18th July 2016
Explosion Proof Linear Actuator
Welcome to purchase discount source explosion proof linear actuator from our company, which is one of the best China explosion proof linear actuator manufacturers and suppliers.Explosion Proof Linear ActuatorQSLEX explosion proof linear actuator-electronic straight stroke electric executive mechanism, its explosion-proof mark is ExdIICT4 (excluding acetylene), explosion-proof certificate number is GYB0.Product Code: 2014516135337Main features ?? ?1) small size2) light weight 3) strong function4) convenient operationSpecificationsModel Thrust(KN)Speed(mm/s)Max stroke (mm)Power supply (V)Power consumption (W)Protection of electric motorOutlet connection Manual operation Weight(Kg)QSLEX2.O0.2525220VAC35Permissible rotation block-upG1/2?Hand wheel5.5?Non applicable, for switch control ONLY?This function ONLY, output valve position 0?1000?, resistance signal?Input 4?20mA, output 4?20mA,used for action mode adjustment, and need to choose POT function at the same time?Input passive contact control, output 4?20mA, need to choose POT function at the same time? Input active contact control(220VAC), output 4?20mA, need to choose POT function at the same timeAdditional Function parts Code SpecificationFeedback potentiometer POT Output a group of 0?1000? resistance signal (The servo amplifier is used as the actual valve position? when adjustment)Intelligent controller PSAP4 For executive mechanism adjustment, input/output 4?20mAIndependent position transmitter ?PSMF2NS Step motion mode, passive contact control, output 4?20mAPSMF2AC Step motion mode, active contact control, output 4?20mAApplicationIt is suitable for the control & adjustment of straight stroke control valve switch.
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