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Date: 18th July 2016
Explosion Distribution Box
Welcome to purchase discount source explosion distribution box from our company, which is one of the best China explosion distribution box manufacturers and suppliers.Explosion proof distribution box Product Code: 201462692447 CEAG explosion-proof power distribution box features:Explosion-proof level: Ex Ed IIC T4 and T6 (depending on the built-in components) Protection grade: IP66Shell: type of increasing safety, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, waterproof ability strongWith a glass mask can the position of the internal components.Main features:I. Modular assembly design1)? Controlled by the flameproof explosion-proof type components and increased safety explosion-proof impact resistance of polyester shell.2)? Flameproof explosion-proof control components include:3)? the main switch 40 a, 80 a, 125 a, 180 a, multipolar optional;4)? the main fuse 25 a, 35 a, 50 a, 63 a, 80 a, 100 a, 125 a, optional.5)? up to 40 a circuit breaker (MCB) and leakage protector (RCD);6)? up to 11 kw contactor;7)? up to 25 a over-current protection components, various relay and timer;II. Can be chargedOpen the glass panel, electric explosion-proof components to operate, without power. Glass panel can be locked to avoid misoperationIII. Easy to replaceFlameproof explosion-proof elements is cut into the type guide rail installation, easy to replaceIV. High protection gradeProtection grade up to IP66, suitable for outdoor installationV. easy extensionAny time need to extend, without any screw connection extension.
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