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Date: 18th July 2016
Electromechanical Actuator
Welcome to purchase discount source electromechanical actuator from our company, which is one of the best China electromechanical actuator manufacturers and suppliers.Electromechanical ActuatorPSL,PSQ mechanical actuator are with advantages of small volume, light weight, strong function, built-in intelligent? controller, which are widely used valves, and the throttle pipeline switch control & regulation.Product code: 201451693021SpecificationPSL series electromechanical actuator stroke can reach up to 100mm and the max thrust is 25KN. It?s widely used for & suitable for linear-motion valve switch control and regulation. ModelThrust(KN)Speed (mm/s)Max stoke (mm)Power supply (V)Power consumption(W)Motor protectionOutlet connectionManual operationProtection levelWeight(Kg)PSL2011.O0.450220VAC35Permissible rotation block-up2?M20?1Hand wheelIP675.5PSL2022.O0.450220VAC40Permissible rotation block-up2?M20?1Hand wheelIP675.8PSL20440.450220VAC45Permissible rotation block-up2?M20?1Hand wheelIP676.0PSL20880.460220VAC80Permissible rotation block-up2?M20?1Hand wheelIP678.OPSL210100.460220VAC80Permissible rotation block-up2?M20?1Hand wheelIP678.2PSL31212.O1.065220VAC130Thermo switch3?M20?1Hand wheelIP6522PSL31414165220vAC130Thermo switch3?M20?1Hand wheelIP6522PSL316161.0100220VAC135Thermo switch3?M20?1Hand wheelIP6522.0PSL320201100220VAC140Thermo switch3?M20?1Hand wheelIP6523.0PSL325251.0100220VAC140Thermo switch3?M20?1Hand wheelIP6523.090?electric part-turn actuator output torque is 100Nm-700Nm and 1200Nm-3000Nm, suitable for 90?rotary valve (i.e. ball valve, butterfly valve) and throttle switch control.Model Torque (NM)Acting time (900)(S)Output flange (IS05211)Power supply (V)Power consumption (VA)Outlet connection ManualProtection levelW.T (Kg)PSQl0210032F05220VAC622?M22?1.5Hand wheelIp677PSQ20220038F07220VAC932?M27?2Hand wheelIP6713PSQ50250042F12220VAC1202?M27?2Hand wheelIP6725PSQ70270043F12220VAC1202?M27?2Hand wheelIP6725PSQl002l00064F12220VAC1802?M27?2Hand wheelIP6725PSQl202120090F12/Fl4220VAC1802?PF3/4?Hand wheelIP6770PSQ2002200090F14/F16220VAC2002?PF3/4?Hand wheelIP6775PSQ3002300090F14/Fl6220VAC2502?PF3/4?Hand wheelIP6775The models ordering with follows:1.?? ?PSL electric straight stroke actuator2.?? ?PSQ electric part-turn actuator?Non applicable, for switch control ONLY?This function ONLY, output valve position 0?1000?, resistance signal?Input 4?20mA, output 4?20mA,used for action mode adjustment, and need to choose POT function at the same time?Input passive contact control, output 4?20mA, need to choose POT function at the same time?Input active contact control(220VAC), output 4?20mA, need to choose POT function at the same timeAdditional function components Code SpecificationAdditional limit switch 2WEOutput passive contact signal at an ? appropriate location (220VAC,5A)Additional torque switch 2DEOutput passive contact signal when ? appropriate torque required (220VAC,5A) (For PSQ part-turn actuator ONLY)Feedback potentiometer POTOutput a group of? 0?1000? resistance signal (The servo amplifier is used as the actual ? valve position when adjustment)Intelligent controller PSAP4For actuator adjustment, input/output 4?20mAIndependent position transmitter PSMF2NSStep motion mode, passive contact ? control, output 4?20mAPSMF2ACStep motion mode, active contact control, ? output 4?20mAYokePSMYPSQ series installed with valve ? indirectly, refer to page 8
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