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Date: 18th July 2016
Electro Pneumatic Positioner
Welcome to purchase discount source electro pneumatic positioner from our company, which is one of the best China electro pneumatic positioner manufacturers and suppliers.Electro pneumatic positionerPneumatic valve positioner-The Samson Types 3730-3, 3730-6 and 3731-3 Positioners also allow HART communication between the field and process control level. The Type 3730-4 Positioner allows the integration of the final control element into a PROFIBUS PA network, while Types 3730-5 and 3731-5 Positioners can communicate over a FOUNDATION? fieldbus network.Depending on the input signal, a distinction is made between pneumatic (p/p) and electropneumatic (i/p) positioners:Electropneumatic (i/p) positioners:Electropneumatic positioners use an analog DC signal of 0/4 to 20 mA or 1 to 5 mA as the input variable and issue an output signal pressure (pst) up to maximum 6 bar (90 psi).Digital positionersSAMSON digital positioners are single-acting or double-acting positioners for attachment to pneumatic linear or rotary actuators. Due to their digital signal processing technology, these positioners have the following advantages over conventional positioners:1) Simple operation2) LCD with rotatable reading direction3) Automatic zero and span calibration during initialization (except for Type 3730-0)4) Automatic detection of faults in the actuator5) Direction of action independent of mounting position6) Continuous monitoring of zero point7) Low air consumption8) Permanent storage of all parameters in EEPROM (protected against power failure)Digital positioners can be fitted with additional functions:1) Inductive limit switches2) Solenoid valve3) Position transmitter4) External position sensor5) Analog input6) Binary input and output7) Forced venting8) Leakage sensor
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