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Date: 18th July 2016
Electrical Actuator
Welcome to purchase discount source electrical actuator from our company, which is one of the best China electrical actuator manufacturers and suppliers.Electrical ActuatorGerman PSQ electrical actuator, PSQ 90?electric part-turn? actuator, output torque:50Nm-700Nm, suitable for 90?rotary valve (i.e. ball valve, butterfly valve ) and throttle switchProduct Code: 201451692642Specification?ModelTorque (mm)Time (90?)(S)?Output flange (ISO5211)Power (v)Power ? consumption(w)Manual operationProtection levelWeight (kg)PSQ515023F05220VAC24.2Hand wheelIP677PSQ666532F05220VAC24.2Hand wheelIP677PSQ767560F05220VAC25.3Hand wheelIP677PSQ10110032F05220VAC62.1Hand wheelIP677PSQ20120028F07220VAC93Hand wheelIP6713PSQ50150043F10220VAC93Hand wheelIP6727PSQ70170043F12220VAC93Hand wheelIP6727Servo amplifier PSAP4B Electronic proportional servo circuit of electric actuator uses SMT technology, with the advantages of small volume and high reliability. It controls 4-20mA current signal and on or off the action of actuator according to the deviation by the comparison with the current position of the actuator signal so that it can make Balance of mechanism position and input signal.PSAP4B inputs 4-20mA in the implementation of actuator, and also provides 4-20mA position signal to the system.PSAP4B can easily adjust the actuator starting position and stroke ,role switching and set that when the input signal fault occurs, the mechanism is in fully open/fully closed or maintain state.Working principleThe position signal conversion circuit will reflect the change of the 1000 ? resistance signal of actuator position and transfers to 4-20mA. The control input and position signal will be sent to the bias amplifier for comparison at the same time. And the comparison results can control the solid state switch on/off so that it can control the open and close actuator. Adjustment of the sensitivity on the basis of control requirements, you can change the tracking precision and eliminate Oscillations due to mechanical inertia.Additional stroke (2WE) and additional torque(2DE) switchAdditional stroke (2WE) and additional torque (2DE) switches are a set of additional switches, which can output 2 passive contact signal (5A 220VAC) when the actuator is in the appropriate position or torque.Single/double valve position (POT/POT2)Output 1 group (POT) or 2 groups (POT2) with the same valve position value of 0 to 1000 resistance signal as a servo amplifier valve position feedback signal or transfer to the instrument as a valve position display.Technical dataPower SupplyPower SupplyPower consumption5VASwitch storage150VA(24V 50VA)Input signal4-20mAInput impedance 150?Output signalLoad?capacity 4-20mA4-20mA,?350?Insulation resistanceMain circuit-control circuit: 100M?? (500VDC)Control circuit-output circuit100M??(500VDC)Output circuit-main circuit100M???(500VDC)Repeat precision?1%Sensitivity?(0.5-5%) FS lags behind 50% sensitivityHRIt is installed within the actuator to maintain a certain temperature so that it can avoid frost or damages in the low temperature (-20?).PSMFWhen it is not necessary to match the built-in servo amplifier, it only needs to output 4-20mA valve position signal.ApplicationIt is suitable for 90?rotary valve (i.e. ball valve, butterfly valve ) (Special voltage PSMS)and throttle switch and Boiler field.FunctionCode SpecificationSpecial voltage PSMS115/24VAC?380V?24VDCHigh protection class PSMPHigher than standard protection classLocal control PSMLSwitch between remote & local control and on/off/stop Safety hazard self-protection PSMRProtect the valve to the safe position when safety hazard happened
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