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Date: 18th July 2016
Diaphragm Control Valve
Welcome to purchase discount source diaphragm control valve from our company, which is one of the best China diaphragm control valve manufacturers and suppliers.Diaphragm control valveDiaphragm Valve Type 245-diaphragm valves The Type 245-1 Pneumatic Control Valve essentially consists of a Type 245 Diaphragm Valve and a Type 271 Pneumatic Actuator Special features include:1) Valve body manufactured of cast iron or stainless cast steel ? Cast iron body with rubber or PTFE lining2) Valve diaphragm of natural rubber, nitrile, butyl, or of butyl with PTFE protective facing3) Exchangeable actuator ? actuator action reversible without special tools; bench ranges can be changed by varying the number and compression of the installed actuator springs4) Attachment of pneumatic or electropneumatic positioners and limit switches according to DIN IEC 534 and NAMUR recommendation5) Handwheel option for the Type 271 Pneumatic Actuator The Samson valve diaphragm detailsNominal sizes DN 15 to DN 150 Flanges nominal pressurePN 10 Temperatures from ?10?C to +150?C? Conversion of valve sizing coefficients:Cv (in U.S.-gallons/min) = 1.17 Kvs (in m3/h)Kvs (in m3/h) = 0.86 Cv (in U.S.-gallons/min)Air-to-open valve with fail-safe action: Fail-closeThe springs "close" the valve when the pressure acting on theactuator diaphragm is reduced or upon air supply failure. The valve"opens" as increasing pressure opposes the spring force.Air-to-close valve with fail-safe action: Fail-openThe springs "open" the valve when the pressure acting on theactuator diaphragm is reduced or upon air failure. The valve"closes" as increasing pressure opposes the spring force.SpecificationSpecificationsNominal sizeDN 15 to 150Characteristic? linearLeakage rateClass IVFlangesAccording to DIN 2532Materials ? Temperature ranges (WN = ? Material Number according to DIN)BodymaterialMaterial of valve diaphragmNaturalrubber (NR)Nitrile(NBR)Butyl(IIR)Butyl withPTFE facingCast iron /rubber linedWN 0.6025?10 ?Cto+70 ?C?10 ?Cto+80 ?C?10 ?Cto+110 ?C?10 ?CTo +150 ?CStainless steel, WN 1.4581Cast iron / rubber?10 ?C to +90 ?CCast iron /PTFE lined---?10 ?C to+150 ?CApplicationFinal control element for dirty, viscous, and extremely corrosive fluids as well as for fluids containing solid matter.
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