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Date: 18th July 2016
Control Valves
Welcome to purchase discount source control valves from our company, which is one of the best China control valves manufacturers and suppliers.Control ValvesRV 502 series control valves is a high performance single seat control valve with external expansion output port, which is designed to meet various needs Product Code: 201451615320Main features1) Compact structure and light weight.2) The pressure balance valve with multistage throttling3) Suitable for high temperature, high pressure, high pressure difference, etc.4) The body is not susceptible to flash and cavitation damage5) Good sealing performance, the highest level leakage is VI6) Long service life.Application1)It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, high pressure difference, etc.2)To eliminate the valve differential, the pressure balance valve core and, multiple throttling system have a very high resistance to abrasion (caused by the expansion of fluid and steam). This ensures low noise. 3) The application area of RV502 valve is the continuation of RV 210 to RV235 series. This valve is particularly applicable to metallurgy, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, electric power, paper making, as well as natural gas and other industries.Process mediumRV502 control valve is designed to regulate the gas, liquid and steam flow and pressure. Usually, the medium includes superheated steam, saturated steam and no special requirements of the valve material medium. For other medium application, please consult the manufacturer as the body material is related to the process medium.Differential pressureTaking into account of the pressure balance valve and actuator driving force, when in high differential pressure condition, the application of valve is not subject to media pressure but by the restriction of the throttle system. Using the valve core with a hole and the valve cage with a hole, the maximum recommended differential pressure for each stage of the multi-stage decompression is 5.0Mpa. About the pressure ratio and other equipment specifications, please consult the manufacturerMaximum allowable working pressure is in accordance with EN 1256-1. Refer to below table?[Mpa] MaterialPNTemperature???100150200250300350400450500500Cast ? steel 1.0619161.361. ? steel 1 .7357161.631.581.491.431.331. control valves installation must make the media flow direction and the arrow marked on the valve body in the same direction. As long as the actuator is not under the valve body, the valve can be installed in the pipe horizontal direction, vertical direction, inclined direction or any directions.Technical dataSeriesValve type Control valve, single seat, Balance valve core, water outlet pipeNominal diameter Inlet: ? 50-150, outlet: 100-500Nominal pressure Inlet: ? 16-160 PN, outlet:16-100Body material carbon ? steel 1.0619? (GP 240 GH), alloy steel ? 1.7357 (G17CrMo5-5)Welding end material1.0425 ? (P 265 GH)1.7335 ? (13CrMo4-5)Valve seat material17 ? 021.6(1.4006)Valve core material17 ? 123.6(1.4078)Working temperature-20 to 400?-20 to 550?Flange connection PN 16?to?100,?as per??SN EN 1092-1 (2/2003), PN 160, as per DIN 2548 (G17CrMo5-5)Flange Model B1 type, as per ?SN EN 1092-1 (2/2003)- RFF type, as per ?SN EN 1092-1(2/2003) ? FB2 type, as per?SN EN 1092-1 (2/2003) ? FFWelding end as per ?SN 13 1075(3/1991)Valve inner part Model I/II? pressure reducingvalve core with hole-valve seat. Orifice plateFlow characteristics Linear, equal percentageLeakage rate According ? to the SN EN 1349 (5/2001) grade IV,? high grade seal level VIPacking graphiteKvs rangeDN25/XXX40/XXX50/XXX65/XXX80/XXX100/XXX150/XXXLevel ? of pressure-reducing Kvs ? (m3/h)- linear11.6-8.02.5-203.2-326.3-508.0-8010-12516-25021.25-8.02.0-202.5-325.0-408.0-808.0-12512.5-200Multi-stage ? pressure-reducing Kvs ? (m3/h) ?equal percentage characteristic12.5-6.36.3-166.3-256.3-3216-506-6332-12521.6-4.05.0-105.0-205.0-2512.5-4012.5-5025-80
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