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Date: 18th July 2016
Assembly Thermocouple
Welcome to purchase discount source assembly thermocouple from our company, which is one of the best China assembly thermocouple manufacturers and suppliers.Assembly ThermocoupleThis assembly thermocouple is used as the sensor of measuring temperature, which is usually combined with display instrument, recording instrument and electric regulator. It can directly measure the surface temperature of the liquid, steam, gas medium and solid medium production process temperature witin the scope of 0? to 1800?.Our production conforms to IEC international standard indexing, plattinum rhodium 30 -plattinum rhodium 6, plattinum rhodium 10 -, nickel chromium-nickel silicon, nickel chromium-constantan.A thermocouple is usually composed of a temperature sensing element, a fixing device and a junction box.TypeCodeIndexingTemperature/ ?Allowable deviationplattinum rhodium30 -plattinum rhodium 6WRRB0-1800??0.25%tplattinum rhodium 10 - plattinumWRPS0-1600??0.25%tplattinum rhodium 13 - plattinumWRBR0-1600??0.25%tnickel chromium-nickel siliconWRNK0-1300??0.75%tnickel chromium-constantanWREE0-800??0.75%tNote: "t" stands for temperature sensing element actual measuring temperature (?)Specified long time use temperature (?)Test temperature (?)Insulation resistance value (?)?60060072000?80080025000?100010005000Thermocouple nominal pressure: Generally, it refers to the operating temperature of the tube can withstand the static external pressure and rupture.?The thermocouple shall be not less than the minimum insertion depth: its protection of 8 - 10 times the diameter of the casing (Frederick product exception)?Insulation resistance: when the ambient air temperature is 15 to 35 degrees, relative humidity is less than 80% when the insulation resistance is more than 5 megohm (voltage 100V). With the splash proof junction box of the thermocouple, when the relative temperature is 93 + 3 DEG C, the insulation resistance over Europe 500 billion (voltage 100V)?Insulation resistance at high temperature: thermocouple at high temperature, the thermal electrode (including the double branch) and the protective tube and the insulation resistance between the two heat electrodes (according to each meter) should be greater than the value specified in the following table.? ?
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