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Date: 18th July 2016
Adjusting Valves
Welcome to purchase discount source adjusting valves from our company, which is one of the best China adjusting valves manufacturers and suppliers.Adjusting ValvesSpecial adjusting valves for harm medium and strong corrosive medium Product Code: 2014516161046 ApplicationThe adjusting valves is especially suitable for virulent and precious, volatile and the adjustment of the osmotic medium, and a variety of the concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, and all kinds of organic acid, strong acid, strong oxidizer and other corrosive medium pipeline. The regulating valves have a successful performance in wet chlorine, hydrogen production, titanium sponge, alkali, titanium tetrachloride, maple and other industries.1, harmful medium and strong corrosive medium special control valveAgainst harmful gases (such as wet chlorine, hydrogen) and strong acid, strong alkali, the company specialized design production F46 and HC type bellows valve. For temperature is not high, the pressure difference is not too much harmful gas medium strong acid, strong alkali, adopt F46 type bellows, namely the body besides with liner, valve core and corrugated pipe adopt F46 to prevent corrosion of alkali and acid. Conversely, hazardous gases to corrosion and to prevent erosion medium containing particles (medium); The adjusting valve body, valve core and bellows type adopts HC corrugated pipe to meet the demand. Whether using F46 or HC bellows valve, corrugated pipe is the main objective to ensure the valve stem from corrosion, reached in the valve cavity and air isolation effect, to ensure the sealing of zero leakage.SpecificationBody typedirect single seatSingle-seat valve core typecolumn typePackingv-type PTFE Nominal diameterDN25 ~ DN2000Nominal pressurePN1.6 Mpa, PN4.0 Mpa, ANSI CL150, CL300Flow featurelinear, percentage, etcMaterialWCB + + F46 F46, stainless steel, etc
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